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Take-out Restaurant

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We understand our customers lead busy lives, and sometimes there just isn’t time to sit down and enjoy a meal in a restaurant. That’s why we’re committed to providing quick, easy, and hassle-free takeout dishes.


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It's not just food, it is an experience!

چلوکباب وزیری

Vaziri Kebab


1 skewer of boneless chicken 
1 skewer of ground beef
Served with saffron rice and grilled tomato

پلو ماهی کباب​

Polo Mahi Kebab​


Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Served with saffron rice

چلوکباب سلطانی

Soltani Kebab


1 skewer of lamb barg 
1 skewer of ground beef
Served with saffron rice and grilled tomato

چلو کباب جوجه

Joujeh Kebab


1 skewer of marinated chicken breast
Served with saffron rice and grilled tomato

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Every Thursday, 4PM – 7PM

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"Most amazing I ever had!!"
- Bryan G
"Amazing taste, and juicy steaks!! Best ever!!"
- Laura Petracio
"I always visit here, and they always surprise me."
- Harold Z
"A must visit for every steak lover"
- Laura Petracio